Terms of Usage


The following terms and conditions are applied to all music, themes and individual cuts on the newsbeds.com website without exception.


All Themes and individual cuts (tracks) supplied by Newsbeds.com are authorised for use by professional broadcast companies only. Failure to provide accurate information when applying for downloads will  instantly nullify the application and the licence to use the music in any format will be revoked with immediate effect. Usage of the music beyond this will constitute a direct breach of the Newsbeds.com terms and conditions herein and legal action will be taken against the downloading party.

Users must be able to guarantee that all music used by them is logged and recorded to a musical performance royalty agency pertaining to the country where the music is broadcast. e.g. PRS for the UK or IMRO for the Republic of Ireland.

When logging the usage of the tracks with the appropriate musical performance royalties agency – all details must be correctly provided including the track name and it’s music reporting code, the composer name(s) and the length of track used.


Title: Newsbeds Theme 1 All Themes

Music Reporting Code: NBDC-1-Theme

Composers: Richard Evans / Steve Cripps

Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds

All tracks are wholly owned by Newsbeds.com. They must not be distributed, sold, rented, leased, sub-licensed, assigned or otherwise transferred to another user. The user must not distribute the tracks in their original format or reformatted, edited, sampled or otherwise manipulated forms.

Newsbeds.com provides their on-line music service on the basis that all tracks are non-exclusive. Newsbeds.com has the right to publish and re-use all of its work for use by other users including any bespoke commissioned music. To obtain an exclusive license please contact  team@newsbeds.com.

All tracks are licensed in perpetuity.

All tracks are available to all territories of the world.

Newsbeds.com are not responsible for any liability or damages from the use by the end user. The user agrees to defend Newsbeds.com from any claims, demands, lawsuits, damages, liabilities against Newsbeds.com with respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of contract of this agreement with the user.

The user agrees that all information declared to Newsbeds.com is, at any time, 100% accurate and is not misleading in any respect. The user agrees that the information is a good representation of themselves or the organisation they represent. Any passwords, fast track codes or other sensitive information must not be distributed to any other party or member of Newsbeds.com. The user must agree that this information is generated especially for them and is therefore, confidential.

The user will exercise caution and maintain strict safeguards to prevent unauthorised use or copying of all tracks downloaded from Newsbeds.com.

Newsbeds.com will securely hold all information provided by the user and will not distribute this in anyway.

This is a legal agreement between the user and Newsbeds.com. Downloading any tracks from Newsbeds.com constitutes agreement to these terms.

If you are unsure of any of these terms in any way, please contact team@newsbeds.com

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